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The ‘Field of Dreams’ Syndrome

Of all the saccharine maxims of Hollywood, none are more corrosive to the soul of an online business than the ones espoused in 1989's 'Field of Dreams'. A story of irresponsible land-management and hallucinogenic corn, the film follows Kevin Kostner as he pivots from his traditional business model, to one based on disrupting the afterlife […]

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A Warning To The Incurious

It was Christmas, and so naturally my thoughts turned to the ghostly and the dread-fuelled. To M.R. James, to be precise. The BBC's second shot at 'Oh, Whistle And I'll Come To You, My Lad' led to a marathon re-watching of the Beeb's 1970s Christmas Ghost Story productions, which in turn, led to the source […]

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